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The Religious Rite

The music for the ceremony must fully represent the bride and groom. If the wedding takes place in a church with a religious rite, the advice is that of a classical ensemble such as harp and violin, string trio or violin, harp and soprano. This type of entertainment makes the place more romantic and goes well with the sacredness of the wedding. But also particular and original solutions such as guitar and voice, or accordion and clarinet are possible, always in agreement with the parish priest.

Clara in jazz musica per matrimoni

How many pieces are foreseen for the religious rite?

There are usually eight divided like this:

Welcome guests

Groom entrance

Bride entrance




I sing to communion


There are also sub-funds during the exchange of promises and rings.


The Civil Rite

When, on the other hand, the rite is of a civil type, then you can wander and choose any type of music the spouses like. The song of the heart, romantic, pop or rock ... as long as you represent yourself! The civil ceremony can be officiated both in common and in the locations that provide for it. You can choose a guitar and voice duo, piano and voice or opt for a classic ensemble. If, on the other hand, you want to play more contemporary songs, you prefer the singer with a professional background.


How many pieces are foreseen for the civil ceremony?

There are usually six, divided as follows:

Welcome guests

Groom entrance

Bride entrance

After the exchange of promises

After the exchange of the rings


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