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The origins as a vocalist

Me and my music

Clara in Jazz, or simply Clara . I am a jazz and swing singer, wife and mom.

Before being a singer, I am above all a person in search of harmony and perfection ,

which in my case is expressed through music and my personal taste.

Since I was a child, a lover of sounds of all kinds, I learned to appreciate music thanks to my father,

who gave me a turntable and several 33s of his time.

So I grew up between Pink Floyd, Giorgio Gaber, Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin, to then arrive at my true great love:

jazz .

For my generation, jazz was almost an “old” genre, but I continued to study and

thanks also to the people I met on my path, I have reached the present day.

Now I run a musical entertainment agency for weddings and events as well as singing in jazz and swing bands myself.

My biggest goal is to make people understand how fundamental music is for the success of an event.

On the other hand, a film without music would be just a boring documentary!

S. Greco

For me, every couple is unique. There is no marriage like another and music must always follow the flow of the day

and the characters of the spouses.

For this reason, even before making any type of proposal, I ask to be able to meet the couple in an informal, familiar environment.

This is the only way to create the right feeling that will then lead to having full confidence in my choices. Whichever ensemble is chosen,

we have numerous videos and audios available,

in addition to the possibility of making the desired musicians heard live by appointment.

The right atmosphere is created with the right music

Too many people believe that music is only a "side dish" and that even if it does not exist, nothing will change.

And it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make during an event.

Try to think of the embarrassment you feel at the table when you only hear the noises of plates and glasses,

as in a canteen.

Or to a playlist recorded by a friend, but all wrong in timing and choices,

in the volumes that are not dosed… In short, the atmosphere that creates the right music is one of those sensations

that are remembered by everyone and if you make some mistakes, even the good memory is lost.

No stress that day, just fun!

In the months before the wedding day I compare myself over and over with the couple and often go to location with them,

especially if the day includes several trips. Musicians must be prepared and arrive without fail,

therefore the inspection is essential. I also work in synergy with other suppliers, wedding planners in particular,

catering and restaurants, which dictate the timing of the day.

In the type of musical entertainment we offer there will never be "shouted" or intrusive moments,

no karaoke competition or village animation. Only healthy fun when needed, but always well balanced and classy.

On the wedding day it is so beautiful to see the bride looking for the person who is singing with her eyes

while she walks down the aisle, or when she is moved by dancing with her dad….

These are moments that I cherish in my heart and I am grateful to the couples who choose me

just for the emotions that make me live.

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That feeling

that must be created

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