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When dance meets love

Imagine if during the aperitif of your wedding, on a lazy summer afternoon, six dancers suddenly enter the crowd by surprise, dancing to the notes of a song sung live, leaving all your guests speechless.

Or if during the cutting of the cake a wonderful two-step makes the moment even more romantic.

Or if between one course and the next a " crew " burst into the tune of a pop song to make everyone jump on their chairs!

Our dance troupe is able to study any type of desired choreography and with the choice of original and particular costumes

will give that extra touch to your reception.

Make your event unique

A delicate gift for your guests

Our artist was born as a calligrapher by profession and over the years she has developed a very particular type of art. The caricatures, which we prefer to call "representations of the soul" that you propose are not the usual ones you see around, but they are very sweet, dreamy drawings, which want to enhance the inner part of those on the other side of the sheet.

How does this service work?

During the aperitif, which is the longest part of the reception, Nicoletta will position herself in a defined and ad hoc position decorated with her material and whoever wants to can briefly tell about herself, and then have her own "caricature" printed in a few minutes and personalized with your name written in calligraphic characters.

A unique service never seen before, which further enriches your day.

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