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After so much waiting and excitement, the time has finally come to relax! The musical entertainment for the reception is studied together with the couple and addressed according to the needs.

Tabella di nozze

How does a wedding reception usually go?

Whether the location is indoors or outdoors, in summer or winter, the perfect solution is always at hand. Normally you start with a long aperitif lasting up to two hours, and then move on to a dinner or lunch placèe of two or more courses. Following there will be cutting of the cake with a dessert buffet and open bar and to finish the party. Each wedding is obviously unique, so the music will be "cut and sewn" to measure.

Matrimonio tropicale

What are the proposals for dinner or lunch?

During the courses the best solution is a light recorded background, to give everyone the opportunity to chat and relax. Between one cymbal change and another it is possible to sing and play some songs to break the "boredom" of waiting. Here, too, the musical genre is decided together with the spouses, but if the meal takes place indoors, I always recommend a genre that “grows”, from lighter songs to sparkling and rhythmic songs. At the entrance of the couple in the room there is a song that is chosen together and that will give guests the opportunity to welcome you as they should!

Cameriere con vassoio

What are the proposals for the aperitif time?

The first part is where the guests relax, where they take more time to greet friends and stretch their legs. The perfect music is ambient, jazz, bossa nova and swing, played live by a jazz band or by a small reduced ensemble. The visual impact of a band is certainly impressive and welcomes your guests leaving them speechless. A valid alternative remains that of the singer with professional backgrounds who can also play more contemporary songs, but always on the smooth genre.

A trend that has been spreading in recent times is that of proposing the entry song of the spouses to the aperitif. Usually the couple goes away to take some shots with the photographer and on his return the singer welcomes the couple with the chosen song. After that it is possible to make the party more dynamic and put on some dance songs, just before entering the room for dinner.

... And what happens next?

Usually after dinner or lunch we move to the cutting of the cake and the eventual dessert buffet. This is a really important moment that needs to be emphasized in the right way. Here too the song will be decided in synergy with the couple and the cake cut can be enriched by architectural lights and luminous fountains. The following moments are the first dances and the beginning of the party. The first dance is a romantic and unique moment that I recommend never giving up. A song that is close to your heart, which remembers the moments you lived together…. And if you don't have a favorite song, we'll help you find it!

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